Private Acres


Here at Tri-State Outfitters, LLC., we can honestly say that we offer you one of the best, if not the best, Mule Deer hunts available today. Being a species centered in the realm of our expertise, we know how to manage them best and you will see the results. Mule Deer are currently hunted on 700,000 private acres. All the hunts we sell on private land have guaranteed licenses. No draw.

Most all of our hunts will run 100% success every year. Hurry and book if you want a spot.  Bucks every year range from 160’s to 200+ depending on area hunted.  We also can make doe really neat custom combo hunts with these.


What Others Have Said

I really cannot remember how many years I have hunted with Tri-State. I have hunted mule deer, big horn sheep and antelope for 10 or 12 years. Their antelope hunts are the best in New Mexico with many B & C book animals taken every season. However, in my opinion, Tri-State offers the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer hunter one of the very best opportunities in the USA to take a True Trophy Mule Deer buck. Without a doubt, a Trophy Mule Deer is the most difficult animal to get in the USA. Tri-State Outfitters is the best there is when it comes to hunting True Trophy Mule Deer.

Ray MurskiOwner/Founder Bliss/Murski Sales Group

I would recommend Bridger Petrini and Tri-State Outfitters to anyone looking for a great hunting experience in a beautiful area with a lot of big mule deer.

Jim CabelaCo-Founder and Vice Chairman Cabelas Inc.