How much should I tip my guide and other camp help?

Ultimately the guides tip depends on his performance. Through much research talking with other outfitters and credible sources, we feel that if you feel the guide’s performance was great, 10% of the hunt cost is what we suggest. If his performance was less, in your eyes, adjust accordingly.

Also don’t forget the cook and other camp help. Usually everyone in camp tips the cook so $50 to $100 is great, again, based on how you feel they performed.

Can I donate the meat from my animal?

Yes you can, however, if you choose to donate your animal you are responsible for the processing cost so that we may donate the meat to a family in need.

What happens if I wound an animal and we are unable to recover it?

We, like most any other trophy quality management operation, enforce a very strong “draw blood rule”. This means that if you hit an animal with whatever the weapon you may be shooting and either blood is found, or the guide visually sees that you have struck the animal, that is the only animal you may hunt for the rest of your hunt. This is strictly enforced. The only exceptions being made are after strenuous attempts has been made and the animal is not found, we may let you go and hunt a management “cull” type animal after. This rule is to continue to ensure you, the client, have top notch managed ranches and for purely ethical reasons.

Does the outfitter provide airport pick-up?

The only time we provide airport pick-up is when you have booked a hunt for the Bijou Springs Ranch and are flying into Colorado Springs.

What is the average range for a rifle shot?

The most common range is 200 yards, however, they will range from point blank to 400 yards. The most important thing for the guide to know is what the individuals comfort zone is and then that is the range he will work with. You will never be pressured to make a shot that you say you are not capable of taking. One should always spend time prior to their hunt to practice shots from all ranges (25 to 400 yards) and in natural field positions such as standing, sitting, prone, and with rests such as a backpack, shooting sticks, etc.

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