Tri-State Outfitters, LLC., also offers a super high quality Black Bear Hunt with hounds. These hunts take place in New Mexico and run from August 16th through August 31st and again from September 23rd to November 15th. These hunts are done with our same pack of hounds that we raise and train for the Mountain Lion Hunts. Do not let the fact that these bear hunts are done with hounds turn you off. If you are willing and like using dogs to hunt birds, we guarantee you will enjoy watching these incredible athletes run down and tree or bay a big bear for you.

This is a challenging hunt and there is nothing unfair or unsporting about using hounds. There is nothing in the world like sneaking in on a roaring pack of bear hounds with a giant bear bayed or treed.  However we do offer a limited number of spot and stalk hunts.

Bear hunts are done with 4X4 pickups, ATV’s, horses, mules, and on foot. In the areas we hunt, black colored bears are actually rare. Colors range  from Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blonde, and then a blend of all three. We average a 6 foot (and taller) bear on our hunts, consistently producing 100% success rates.

Depending on where we are hunting at the time, our lodging ranges from nice tent camps to our four-star ranch houses. These hunts take place on several hundred thousand acres of private land as well as on some very good National Forest areas. Call for more details.